SprintaxITIN is an easy-to-use system that can help your students and scholars prepare their ITIN application (W-7) under Exception 12b or 12c and receive scholarship or grant

SprintaxITIN the best school solution for ITIN application preparation analysing the requirements for Exception 12c and applicable tax treaties under Exception 12b


Simply sign up, provide us with some basic information and we will help your International Students and Scholars prepare their W-7 form and supporting documents

Our SprintaxITIN School Solution

  • Collects necessary information from students and school
  • Identifies the exception type for the ITIN request
  • Analyses non-resident student or scholar ITIN criteria
  • Provides step-by-step instructions for the ITIN application process with IRS
  • W-7 form fast and hassle-free preparation
  • US tax compliance guaranteed

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Why your students need ITIN

International Students and Scholars may need an ITIN if they are receiving a scholarship that is subject to reporting to the IRS and at the same time they are not allowed to work in the USA, thus not able to apply for a SSN.

SprintaxITIN is on hand to help with their ITIN application and take the burden off you.